About Us

C& Partners – We Collaborate. We Commit. We Create  

C& Partners Architects is a multi-cultural design firm that specializes in planning, building, interior and sustainable design solutions to communities. Our office was formed through the partnership of Aaron Cheng, Sarah Iwata, both graduates from the University of Toronto, and Eva Passos Pereira at our Portuguese Office. Together, with our global experiences and visions, we work in collaboration to deliver innovative design and promising results. We are committed to our clients and we create efficient and beautiful spaces.

Our Work – Practical and Beautiful with Global Visions

We approach each project with an optimistic spirit. Using a research and information based framework, we ground ambitious design with a thorough understanding of site and client requirements. From long term master planning and visioning exercises, to renovation and new construction management, we thrive on a diversity of projects and design deliverables.

C& Partners has also formed strategic alliances with locally accredited engineers and contractors, to expedite permit delivery times and expand our service portfolio in multiple countries in the world.

Our Approach – Holistic and Sustainable

As advocates of good design practice and sustainability, we seek holistic solutions that account for the unique contingencies of each project we develop. Design is a way for us to discover new economies and efficiencies as well as deliver fantastic spaces and explore new ideas. We believe that successful design is the result of listening to our client partners and collaborating with them to achieve original and engaging solutions.

Sustainability in the built environment is something that is infused in our office culture and addressed in our body of work.  In the best interest of our clients, we evaluate each design decision as it relates to its environmental and energy impact. Using our sustainable design and LEED application experience allows us to apply future thinking principles to each project we take on. Regardless of the scope or project budget we believe there are always sustainable options to consider.