Yorkville Surgery

C& Partners Architects was retained to design a contemporary clinic space for the Yorkville Cosmetic Surgery Clinic located at 199 Avenue Road in Toronto. As we listened to our client, we learned that white is a dominant theme in our discussion. We also learned that a sense of warmth and comfort is important to evoke in the design of this clinic.

 The result is the creation of an inviting clinic that offers customers and potential patients a sense of homestyle comfort while inspiring confidence. While white remains the dominant colour, wood veneer is added to evoke warmth and comfort. Design motifs are carefully picked by C & Partners so that every architectural move, in totality, results in a contemporary space partitioned by meandering walls that mimic nature. This is in direct opposition to what is a typical sterile clinic environment.

C& Partners understands that every inch of space is important real estate for any business, and as such, we worked closely with our client to carefully sculpt a space that maximizes its potential while still maintaining the necessary programs, including an interview room, an examination room, and a reception area for appointments. Surgery is completed on another floor.


Overall, the client is most satisfied with the outcome of this design as customers praise the space for being unique, inspiring and comfortable. It also offered them a moment of relaxation in an otherwise hectic urban neighbourhood.

Completion Date: