Danforth Neighbourhood Pharmacy

A good pharmacist goes beyond the script that is handed to him and follows a patient oriented customer service plan. In the Danforth family community within Toronto, a new pharmacy aims to provide the tools necessary to create a core center for health care needs. Right in the heart of the neighbourhood, the dynamic frontage will rejuvenate the area while drawing attention and traffic through the door. The 2000sqf space is arranged in a linear environment to link each of the pharmacy's services together.

The pick-up/drop-off counter is welcoming with an open space for reception and discussion. The semi-private dispensing area allows technicians to focus on their delicate task of drug-filling efficacy while retaining the ability to keep an eye on their business. The counter and dispensary is designed as a continuous space. Private consultation rooms enclosed in glass encourage dialogue between doctors, pharmacists, and patients. A seminar room provides a space for workshops that encourage visitors to pursue a healthy lifestyle. The retail space down the hall allows customers to browse while they wait.


The Matrin-Schultz Eye Colour Chart was studied while determining the colours and materials used in the clinic. With blue as the base colour, accents of amber, grey and various shades of wood are incorporated into the design.

Completion Date: