Dundas Square Medical Centre

The new Dundas Square Medical Centre emerges as a metropolitan central healing station transforming the healthcare circuit for a large portion of Toronto's residents and professionals. C&Partners integrates innovative planning with brilliant architecture expressing the rich aesthetic culture of the city. The prime location offers a the chance to feel better with just a short break from work. With 4600 square feet, we maximize the therapeutic capacity hosting sanctuary from a number of ailments.

The first floor is an accessible urgent care center minimizing the need for busy emergency room visits. The in-house pharmacy next door promotes a quick fix with every step of the restorative journey under one roof. The Hakim Optical centre above accommodates optical solutions with an eye clinic within their facilities. On third floor, a physiotherapy and chiropractic sanctuary hosts convenient recuperation from physical stress from injuries or the tension that builds from a busy lifestyle. 

Completion Date: