Sky Pharmacy

Whereas typical pharmacies exist mostly to interpret doctors' prescription and offer generic, off the counter medication to patients, Sky Pharmacy in Newmarket, Ontario, believes that pharmacists can play a more active role in the path of healing. Sky Pharmacy takes dispensing of medication one step further – by finding out what individual patients' needs are first before dispensing drugs prescribed by doctors.

Sky Pharmacy and C& Partners worked together to design a space that reflects this bespoke, one of a kind experience for patients. A compounding lab becomes the focal point of the space. The lab becomes not only functional, but is also on display for those interested in learning more about how their medicine is being dispensed. The relationship between pharmacist and patient is therefore transformed, from one that is prescriptive and hierarchical, to one that is engaging and diplomatic.

To further enhance and allow engagement, soft tones and materials are used to replace sterile design characteristic of typical Canadian pharmacies.

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