North York Bariatric Surgery Clinic

Bariatric surgery is proven to be more effective than any weight loss pill, as bariatric doctors are dedicated to the study of the causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity. A new clinic in North York will help provide an alternative solution for the growing epidemic of obesity with groundbreaking technology and exciting medical advances.

Clinics serving patients suffering from obesity often require large spaces. With only 1200 square feet, the challenge of this project is to design an obesity clinic that gives an illusion of spaciousness without a lot of space. With lots of wide windows, the natural light surrounds the environment creating the illusion of space. Light colours from non-toxic paints expand the dimension while illuminated ceilings give the effect of taller ceilings. Because of the sensitive subject matter, large rooms are closed off to give patients the privacy they need to feel comfortable.

Completion Date: