Waterton Cabin

Located in Southern Alberta, Waterton Lakes National Park occupies a rarified landscape where the Rocky Mountains suddenly rise out of rolling prairies. A unique home to many species of animal and plant life, the park also allows for limited and tightly controlled human occupation as well. In this project, C& Partners was commissioned to design a new facade and conceptual idea to convert an existing pizzeria into an heirloom family retreat. Careful research and review of the park planning documents and architectural controls suggested that the project should reflect a modern interpretation of the mountain cabin vernacular. A traditional roof line and park compliant materials were selected based on local availability, environmental impact and low maintenance. Each design decision considered the dramatic and often harsh seasonal variations as well the scale and existing built form in the area. The resulting composition of  wide naturally shaded openings accented by corten steel panels, weathered cedar siding and hand laid stone, reflects both local building traditions and modern ideologies of light and views.

Given the difficulties of a triangular site in a developed area, careful planning of window locations and landscaping was required to provide privacy, spectacular views, and unimpeded travel across the site by foraging animals.

Indigenous, drought resistant plants and a gutterless roof system further the relationship to the site by controlling storm water runoff and heavy snow loads in winter.

Completion Date:
In Progress