5505 Young Street

In order to revitalize an aging storefront on Yonge Street in Toronto, C& Partners strategically developed the site through a major facade and interior renovation.

Previously a residential property, C& Partners was successful in rezoning the property for commercial use. To maintain the existing zoning allowances and  satisfy both the property owner and new restaurant chain tenant, C& Partner’s design maintained the existing structure and developed a process of “thickening” the building envelope to accommodate the new program. Rather than  pursue  ideals  of ultimate transparency and lightness, this project looks to develop layered, poched spaces, revealed in the depth of window wells, thresholds and niches. Using a marble rainscreen and wrapping LED illuminated punch windows, the project makes an urban statement through a bold corner condition more in tune with the changing face of this eclectic commercial street.  Roughly hewn aluminum and cedar screens and canopies protect public entrances and provide visual and textural contrast to the polished stone.

Inside, the first floor houses a commercial kitchen and dinning area to be occupied by the popular Wild Wings restaurant.  A private stair to the upper floor affords the building owner an business suite to entertain clients, make presentations and host events.

As a continuation of the building skin, a 50 seat outdoor patio and landscaped parking area to the rear of the project makes a positive contribution to the streetscape and promotes public engagement. 
Completion Date:
In Progress