Golf Club

The world we are used to is abundant with variety, offering sources of comfort for any appetite. While the golf club provided it's fundamental services with expertise, it would be impossible to evolve within it's existing facilities. C&Partners was challenged to expand the golf club into a centre for recreation creating a source for engagement within a busy community. A multi-functional sports centre with variation of outlets for active lives and a condominium building offering it's members a luxury lifestyle bring focus onto well being.


In the athletic building there are eight courts dedicated to badminton. Four courts allow beginners and teams building rapport an area to focus on learning the game. The remaining courts will be used for tournaments and matches. Comfortable seating areas encourage community within the club, allowing a great atmosphere for healthy competition . For tennis enthusiasts, there will be an indoor as well as an outdoor court for both recreation and skill development. A spa and fitness room filtered with natural light open the opportunity to build strength. The change rooms host steam rooms and shower areas, leading out to the 25 foot pool deck.

Completion Date:
In Progress